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Vive; an original species rpg (LB) (proboards)

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Vive Mod

PostSubject: Vive; an original species rpg (LB) (proboards) Mon 13 Jan 2014, 1:36 am

Rules ~ Starter Guide ~ Lore ~ Creatures

Bored of the same old RPs? Want to try something brand new? Want total control over how your character looks?

Vive is a fantasy animal based roleplay with a brand new concept. We allow you to adopt a creature from its base form and the rest is up to you! You can grow and evolve in any way you want to! We have daily members and the site has been running for a while now so we have plots in place for the new few seasons too! You can make friends, enemies and meet your mate to start a family if you so choose.

We can offer you -[ul][li]Total creative freedom, want your creature to have 6 legs and horns? Feel free!
[/li][li]Each in-character post you makes earns you points which can be exchanged for markings and mutations for your little creature.
[/li][li]A helpful mod team happy to answer any questions about our world
[/li][li]Active, creative members who are happy to help if they can and love to plot with everyone
[/li][li]The opportunity to have a real impact on the site. An example being that our roleplay lands are dreamed up by our members
[/li][li]Contests with great prizes!
[/li][li]A chance to pass your character's evolution down to the new generation through our breeding system
[/li][li]A deviantArt group where members have submitted their gorgeous Vive-based artworks for all to see
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