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Fandom Collision: A multi fandom RP [LB]

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PostSubject: Fandom Collision: A multi fandom RP [LB] Tue 14 Jan 2014, 4:29 pm

"Life is a game, being alive is playing." -- Unknown

For the Master Mancer, life has been a lonely one for a very long time. Born in a world warped by powerful magic, he was orphaned as a baby, and taken in by a Clave of sorcerers whose ultimate goal was to control all the power in the world. He learned to lust after it like everyone else, but this became his downfall.

When they realised that he was going to betray them and take all the power for himself, they cast him out into the darkness -- a dimension where nothing existed except his grief and hatred. In this dimension, he created his own world, based on what he had seen throughout his lifetime. But he had no friends with which to share it.

So he began to steal some.

Opening up small tears in the walls of the different dimensions, he has begun to pull characters from various fandoms through into his world, creating places for them to live and thrive... to come together and to play with him. But this world is not perfect. You can walk from the outer limits of New York city, straight into a Zombie infested town. Details are wrong. And the darkness that feeds the dimension's source power has created anomalies, disguised as the characters' worst nightmares, that want to erase the characters, like antibodies fighting an infection.

The characters have to fight for their lives, avoid the manipulations of the Master Mancer, and try to find a way home from this strange land.

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