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[jcink]In love with a killer[LB]

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PostSubject: [jcink]In love with a killer[LB] Tue 14 Jan 2014, 11:01 pm

Welcome to In Love With A Killer 2.0. We are a no wc, no app site that takes place in the near future. The government has collapsed due to natural disasters and plagues, leaving the population very thin. To make up for it, arrange marriages have been made in an attempt to restore order and the population. The problem is, there is no background checks. This means, you could very well end up marrying a murderer or a thief. We are rated 3-3-3 on the RPG rating scale. We hold many things that could be triggering to some viewers, viewer discretion is heavily advised. You must be eighteen years old or older to join our site due to the adult content on our site.

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