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Muddy Revenge [Important]

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PostSubject: Muddy Revenge [Important] Sun 14 Jun 2015, 10:48 pm

Muddy Revenge

Ever since Ruka started up an Event, a lot of people got involved with it and more or less went with wherever it was taking them. As someone who has been in two of these threads, I got a bit of insight on the whole thread from a mostly unbiased point of view. With Ruka's and Mugen's departure from US, I was left in charge with the event and how it would end up progressing. Which leads to why I made this thread. It is not much of a secret that some of the people have left due to inactivity of some people, some more important than others. With the departure of the people that were more or less willing to help out with the plot / lead the plot, it may be fairly hard to keep this thing going if we all choose to continue with it. Now, I will be trying to keep every point as short as possible, though that might not be possible for some of them. Regardless, please bear with me if you are interested in continuing to participate in it.

First, I want to address some of the reasons as to why it would be hard to keep things going. It is without question going to be hard to continue this thing when there are no people willing to do their best to NPC. It is for that reason that the first thing we would need are said people who would be willing to do this. At the bottom of this post, I made a template where people can sign up with their characters for the progression of the plot, though there is also an additional template available for those that would be willing to write as one of the NPC. If you decide to NPC as one of these enemy characters, you will be given 25 Funds per thread. While you will not be getting any Exp or MP for your character, it allows you to have your own character be in one of the threads gathering points while you would get additional funds in the thread where you use an NPC to help out other people. So really, you will be helping yourself and others by NPC'ing an pushing the plot forward.
Note: Just in case someone wanted to ask, No, you can't be in the same thread with your own character and the person you will be NPC'ing.

The Muddy Revolt. A battle that took place generations ago in Kumogakure's history during the reign of the second Raikage. It was a short but bloody incident in which small clans and tribes living close to Kumogakure attempted to launch an assault on the village. The Kousen clan swiftly dealt with these would-be-usurpers claiming the heads of many leaders among the tribes. The violent subjugation of these people scattered the survivors to the winds leaving them without a home. As generations passed by, the remnants of the "Mudfolk" never forgot the events of that day. Holding on to a biased grudge, stories were passed down of how the people of Kumogakure were the aggressors and that their ancestors were wrongly slaughtered for the sake of the Raikage's greed. Though it may have been far from the truth, these tales were engraved upon the hearts of young boys and girls whom were indoctrinated into this hatred.

In present day, the Mudfolk remain a shadow of their former selves in terms of fighting power. But an unknown syndicate of nukenin targeting Kumogakure have taken notice of the Mudfolk's spite towards the village. Taking advantage of this, the nukenin have approached the Mudfolk offering their support in an attack on Kumo's walls with plans to steal a valuable scroll for themselves during the resulting chaos. During the initial fight against the Parabrahma, it became clear that it was the work of a single silver-tongued agent by the name of Tenma Yamanaka. Whether this scroll they are after contains information about the village, about people or maybe even about jutsu is something nobody knows as it is unclear what they are after at this point. All that is known is that the mudfolk have to be stopped.

With the death of Tenma Yamanaka at the hands of Takeshi and Hiruzen, the direct line between the Parabrahma and the mudfolk has been broken, though their goal is still as clear as it was before. Since the mudfolk are merely being manipulated and having their frustrations played with, there is no telling when the next Parabrahma spokesman takes over where Tenma left off. With the Parabrahma being involved, this has become a matter that is important to both shinobi villages, making it a joint mission. Can the attack be twarted and the Parabrahma's plans foiled? Or will Kumogakure suffer an embarrassing loss? The outcome depends on how the shinobi of Kumogakure and Konohagakure handle the hardships to come.

Phase One: Gathering Intel
The most important thing right now is to figure out which people are in charge of the mudfolk, the way in which they will choose to attack and where they have stationed their forces. With the failed assassination on the Daimyo of the land of lightning and the death of Tenma Yamanaka, the mudfolk are cut off from any orders or information from the Parabrahma, making this the best moment to launch a first assault. It is well known that many of the mudfolk are innocent and have been indoctrinated to believe that the Hidden Cloud is the enemy. Some people are too far gone to save and will keep fanning the flames that will force youngsters into taking up arms and continuing the fight against the established order. For their sakes and for that of the villagers of the Hidden Cloud, it is important that Phase One is executed without fault as it may end up costing many innocent lives. With the counter-attack on the Parabrahma being underway, it is time for people to sign up for the missions against the Mudfolk. Once registration is done, teams will be made and objectives will be given.

Clearing the Main Objective will award 20 MP / 20 AF. For every Additional Objective you can get an additional amount of points, the maximum for each thread being 30 MP / 40 AF. The more objectives you complete, the bigger the chance that these threads will count towards your Character Growth.

Rules of the Event
Aside from the Death Enabled bit, there are a few rules that will be in effect during the next phase or phases of the event that everyone will have to either agree to or not agree with and get excluded by default. The rules themselves will be incredibly simple and should not be hard to understand at all.

  • Death is Disabled.
  • If you do not post within two days, you will be skipped.
  • If you do not post on your turn twice, you will be taken down as a result of a moderator ruling. This is to keep the event from going on and will remove people who can not post in a timely manner (As was agreed upon) from holding down other people that really want to RP.
  • After every phase of the event, people will need to sign back up again. This means that you will not be penciled in for every single part and will need to re-submit for registration each time, though this should not be a problem.
  • This Event is exclusively for Genin and Chuunin, no higher ranks will be allowed at this time.


Character Registration
Account: What Account you will be using
Name: Name of your character
Rank: Rank of said character
Amount of time available per day: Self explanatory
Amount of days available per week: Self explanatory
I agree with the rules stated above: Yes or No

[b]Amount of time available per day:[/b]
[b]Amount of days available per week:[/b]
[b]I agree with the rules stated above:[/b]

NPC Registration
Account: What Account you will be using
Amount of time available per day: Self explanatory
Amount of days available per week: Self explanatory
What kind of NPC would you like to write:
I agree to the points I am given: Yes or No
I agree with the rules stated above: Yes or No

[b]Amount of time available per day:[/b]
[b]Amount of days available per week:[/b]
[b]What kind of NPC would you like to write:[/b]
[b]I agree to the points I am given:[/b]
[b]I agree with the rules stated above:[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Muddy Revenge [Important] Mon 15 Jun 2015, 9:40 pm

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